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Subject: Landing process without valid USA visa
  Here is my situation: I came to USA on J1 visa(valid for one year). At the and of my visa I started my process for H1B but from the beginning there was a lot of problems with this case. I got rejected because of some stupid reason that I thought it wasn?t true so I sent a letter to appeal. And couple months ago I got rejected one more time. In the meantime I applied for Canadian Permanent Resident. To my application I attached a copy of my J1 visa which was already expired at this time but I didn?t have H1B yet. I was never asked about confirming my status or sending additional documentation regarding that matter and a month ago I got my passport back with PR visa to Canada.

I have read that many people was asked about their status in USA while crossing the border, so should I be worried that I lost my status?
Is it possible that border officer will cancel my visa and will not allow me to enter Canada?
I was told by the person who was representing me that Canadian Immigration Law says that I should be legal resident at least one year which I was but it doesn?t say anything that you need to have a status all the time, Am I right?

I am really worried because I am 3 months pregnant and I have plan to land in next 2 months because it will be the safest time for me and my baby and I?m trying to avoid unnecessary stress.

Please, any opinion will be very helpful for me.

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No Need to worry.IF you have vaild landing paper and visa then you can enter from US by air they do not check statue from where you are coming they check your paper and funds and they ask for a canadian address.

IF you are still worried then I would suggest go back to your home country from there go to Canada.

But go well before your due date becuz you need 3-4 to get medical coverage.

All the Best.

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I thought about it but,
I don?t want to risk flying back and forward during pregnancy.
When I will be leaving USA, at the airport I can get a beautiful stamp into my passport standing that I can?t come back to US because I overstayed without valid visa. If I show up with a passport like this at Canadian border it won?t look nice and it can be a problem too.
Finally your idea can be much more expensive for me, because we had a plan to rent a Uhaul track with trailer for our car and drive to the border with all the stuff.

but Thank you for your help

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US cares less about ppl leaving the country. They have no business of stamping your password. If you are flying, They will take your I95 card back , (the airline staff will take it back, you do not even deal with US immigration officer. If you do not have I 95- no big deal you can still leave US)

If you are considering crossing by land, you will leave US even without realizing. The first officer who would stop you would be Canadian. If you have a proper immigration visa, why on earth they will look for US status? The last time I crossed boarder, they were least worried about my US status, they did not even look at my DS 2019.

yes, you need to have a legal statu to be eligible for the PR visa, however I do not think they will refuse to let you in despite having a valid canadian PR visa

of course, you need to consult someone who has an expertise in this matter. What i wrote are purely based on my practical experience of crossing borader a couple of times a yr

March AOR
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Thank all for help,
I was thinking the same way as you are saying, I wasn?t really worried about my US visa. My process for Canadian PR was very smooth. I followed all instructions from Canadian Consulate so I wasn?t worried that I can have a problem after I got Canadian visa and all papers to cross the border.

My concern started a couple weeks ago when more and more people wrote about their landing process and they mentioned that they were asked about US status on the Canadian side.

When I read about landing experience couple months ago, it was really rare the people was asked about US status. I think it?s something new at the border.
But of course I will try to stay calm and don?t think about this.

Pleas don?t think that I?m panicking but can you imagine our situation. We had a plan to rent a Uhaul track with trailer for our car and drive to the border with all the stuff plus me be pregnant. And I don?t want to stuck between borders with all this stuff.

I still need to stop by to US Costume because I will take my car with us and I need to do all the paper work with exporting my car.

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My friend who status had expired in US just drove across Canada last week and he had no problems, he is in 7th heaven - his words. I am waiting to go...
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Do you know at which port of entry your friend was crossing the border?

Do we need to hand pver the US I-94 Card (in reply to: Landing process without valid USA visa)
I am planning to land in Canada next week, Do we need to worry about meeting the US Immigration office on the border to hand over the I-94 and get the stamp on the Passport.

Please advice if you have the information.

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I just got my Canadian PR and I am thinking to land at the NY and QC border. However, I do not have an US visa. Someone told me that I can still drive to the border and make a U-turn at the immigration. They said that the US immigration will reject the entry but will allow me to make a U-turn for landing purposes.

I am just wondering whether this is true.

Please advise.

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