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  Harper´s welcome reminder that our strength is diversity

Published: Thursday, June 22, 2006
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has pointed out to us all a couple of things that should be obvious, but which have become a little obscured in the past few weeks.

In a Vancouver speech, he first reminded us that Canada needs immigrants. Slamming the door shut is not an option, no matter how insecure Canadians might feel after 17 young men were arrested in Toronto on terrorism charges. If Canada is to maintain itself -- let alone thrive -- we must welcome thousands more newcomers. Open immigration may be a matter of generosity, but it is also clearly in our national self-interest.

More positively, however, and certainly far more importantly, Harper also reminded us that Canada´s strength is, indeed, its diversity. Thanks to the contributions of men and women from all over the world, we have built on this continent a peaceful, tolerant nation where all can flourish and all can find the freedom to live as we please and believe what we wish.

We have, as Harper noted in his speech to the United Nations World Urban Forum this week, largely avoided the horror of ghettoization. The "impoverished, ethnically polarized, crime-ridden, no-go zones" that scar the cities of such countries as France and Germany are a rarity here. In fact, some of our most patriotic citizens and most insistent flag-wavers come from the grateful ranks of the recently arrived.

But diversity is a challenge as well as a promise. No immigrant arrives here empty-handed. They all come with baggage, and not just the kind you check at airports. Some bring with them old grudges, which are often difficult to put aside, and old loyalties that can be dangerous. The risk of an open-door policy is that it makes it impossible to screen out all those who would wish others harm. So Harper was a trifle optimistic to suggest our diversity can somehow help shield us from the horrors that have been visited on New York, Madrid and London.

In fairness, Harper was talking about diversity that is "properly nurtured." If by that, he means making room for the customs, traditions and beliefs of newcomers while fostering a respect and love for the principles and values that bind Canada together, then maybe he´s right.

If Canada´s future relies on immigrants, then its safety relies on creating vibrant communities that have a sense of loyalty to, and even love for, the greater community that constitutes the nation. Such communities will have no tolerance for terrorists, especially terrorists who claim to speak in their name.

? The Vancouver Sun 2006

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Sharon are you in Canada? Can you tell us something more about Canada?
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yes, I am in Canada. what would you like to know?
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Sharon - are jobs easily available? This part scares me. Also is Alberta a better place or toronto?
appreciation about your information provided (in reply to: Harper and immigration)
Hi Sharon,

First off all thank u very much, about the information you provided regarding Canada.

It was so informative for me. "Hats Off to You"

I have one small question,

I Have M.Sc Marine Geology qualifiaction, good experience in Computer,petroleum field, GIS, Ground water technology.

I applied for immigration in Skilled worker Category.

Now I wanted to known Which is the best place for immigration for me,Is it Toronto Or Alberta?

Your respone will be highlly appreciated.


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petroleum? Alberta or Newfoundland. Alberta has huge tar sands. Newfoundland has huge offshore drilling.

jobs? Canada is screaming for workers. The trick is the fit. In this regard Canada is doing a terrible job of international accreditation. It is getting better, but we have a long way to go.

If you are eager to learn, open to consider other occupations, willing to upgrade to validate licensing - Yes, there is work.

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