Refugee apply for permanent resident.

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Subject: Refugee apply for permanent resident.
Is there anyone know how long will take to apply permanent resident as a protected person(refugee). My case was started November last year. Untill now, it still in process.


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It really depends where you have applied. Not all centres process your application at the same speed.
Where did you apply?

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Dear Sir,
Most respectfully I beg to say that there is a city in Burma namely Maung Daw, there the Muslims are not given the nationality of Burma,and the government of Burma remarks that the Muslims are not possessive of Burma.Continuously,within the period of 6 months,the person of Govt.. come to not only check the Muslims but also capture their snaps.If any of the person at that time not present in front of them,then he or she expelled out from the list.Neither Muslims is allowed to do any Govt.. job nor to teach in a govt. school.If any personal trade is done by any person,then he has to pay 25% of the income to the govt.which every one can assume as a penalty.I too belonged to the village of that city and it has been my childhood wish to do something extraordinary for the people by my studies and excellence.But it was totally impossible over there.Thus,I crossed the border illegally and migrated to Pakistan during my matriculation examination without getting my matriculation certificate before 6 years.That is why I conducted again matriculation exam over Pakistan.Due to which I received my national identity card(NIC) legally on the basis of SSC.
But, during my HSC, a low enforced here according to which all single cards(cards of a person who are along) were blocked.I also became the victim of that.After my HSC, for enrolling in University,I needed NIC but that was blocked.Fortunately I got a person whose resembles with my father´s name and that is why his NIC was issued through my block NIC.For the sake of my studies I had to assume him as my father.By his NIC, I got admission but not the nationality.About me the statement of NADRA is that I´m still illegal.Sir I want to study further but situation of Pakistan is also very bad, dealy people kill here.That´s why I´m very sad.
In order to continue my studies,I have to transfer out of here.As I´m a hard working person and I got A-1 grade in my SSC exam but due to the tension of nationality,I lost my grade and secured just B grade in my HSC exam.Now a days I´m a student of 1st semister in BE(Telecom) and living away from my family at a very weird place on rent.It is therefore a humble request to all the authorities to kindly issue me any study visa otherwise suggestion me that what should I do.I will be very thankful for that.

Obaid ul haq
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I am sorry but this is a discussion forum - not a formal government agency. You must fill out the appropriate applications for a study visa. They can be found at



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