I am US citizen and would like to move to Canada

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Subject: I am US citizen and would like to move to Canada
  This election really pissed me off. Beside that I beleive that counting was off (even though we are in the year 2004), I think counting was more precise in 50-ies.

Anyhow, this is not only reason, but definetly a break point for my decission. I am happily married and we have no children (yet). My wife has MBA in IT and I have my college degree in pneumatics.

We would like to know what are our chances to move to Canada as current US citizens.

Please provide what steps we need to take and how to start.
I have read several postings and I am getting quite a good idea.
Thank you all,

George S.
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as someone else suggested... you might want to try a blue state first... but if you are beyond that... take the CIC skilled worker questionaire and decide who qualifies with more points. Get your cash together, your application in, and come help us build our great country and economy! We would love your taxes (just teasing)
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Whereas the reasons to immigrate to Canada or any other country is personal - the reason given here is absolutely ridiculous.

These are the kind of comments that make things seem worse of then they might be. There is abosultely no divide in the country as things are being projected. The hint of Red or Blue State after elections is rather tragic.

Economic indicators of the US are strong - stock market has picked up after weeks of uncertainty; and is projected to keep up. Why do you think US is the destination of choice for Billions in deposit? Hostorically; the US is the only market which has delivered a stable and risk - free investment oppertunity (in terms of your deposit being safe). See the market capitalization of the US Stock markets. 65% of world traded equities are in the US. I´m sure anyone with MBA or degree in Finance knows that.

The point here is simple; please keep the forum to the purpose it is designed to; i.e. help in immigration to Canada - that should not be used here to degrade any country or it´s people or it´s culture. I´m surprised that it is coming from one it´s citizens. This is highly shocking!!

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I think people americans who are postings their adds in this forum are just being upfront in the way they feel and this is a free country and a free forum and everybody has the right to express their ideas.
Life is not just about making money and thinking America is the best because they make more money. At the same time they have a whole lot of poor people and America´s Government is definetily intending to help the big corporations.
I love Canada and I think is much better than America and if is there anybody who feels ofended by this I just would ask him or her not to take it personal and to be tolerant with the different ideas expressed in this forum.

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George be serious my man. Move to Canada because of election results? I think you can ride out the current administration in 4 years. A better thing to do would be to wait till the debt skyrockets above GDP and then run to Canada. Give the Govt a chance to show if they can fix the grand problems. Canada is not what it is made out to be. Their economy is bad and is very restrictive! you have more room to manuever in the US. I would stay here if I could. But my American dream turned into American refuse because I did not pursue residency on my own and never got into a tenured position.
american refuse
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