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Subject: common law partner
  Hi, my partner and i are both female, I´m 38, she´s 31, and both live in the Philippines,i just want to ask if we can apply for immigration to Canada under the common law partner through my sister who is an immigrant in Canada who can provide sponsorship.

Our story is like this, my partner and i met through a common friend, started to become friends who shared the same interests, then ended up being partners in a small business which required us to live together, first in her residence since we rented the space near her place. Then we relocated the business to my place when my sister (who is in Canada now) left,(both of my parents passed away), all of my siblings have families of their own and have their own houses, my parents house was given to me as a will.

We have been living together since then for about 6 yrs. now, can we qualify for immigration under common law partner base on our situation? as I´ve read through various informations, the only requirements we have are photos, letters from families and friends, (can we include neighbors who can attest?)as proof that we are living together for quite some time now, i think i can be the principal applicant since i have the house and the business in my name, the problem is that we dont have documents showing joint finances in both our names, we only made a mutual agreement that we share everything financially.

We are both committed to a longer term of relationship since we have been through a lot, emotionally and financially dependent of each other.

Hope somebody can help me regarding this information. Would really appreciate it very much.

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If you cannot provide any information to prove you have been together for 6 yrs it´s going to be very difficult to prove it to CIC. I think maybe the fact that you have a business might help you somewhat, this together with the photographs and a reference from someone held in high regard that you are partners may help. Good luck!
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Nice story...leave in phillipines only

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Wait, are you not confusing two methods of immigration? The common law partner sponsorship route is if your partner is Canadian. THEN you need letters of attestation as obviously it´s vital to prove you´re really in a relationship with the person sponsoring you (letters from neighbours are probably okay, but that really only shows yo live together - letters from family are better because it shows a deeper commitment),

If your partner isn´t Canadian, which is appears she´s not, then you have to take the skilled worker route. Your sister CANNOT sponsor you, but you will get 5 points for having a relative in Canada.

So was your question, how can my sister sponsor us if we are common law and can´t prove it, the answer is you can´t, because there isn´t a ´sister sponsoring´ category. If your question is ´we´re using my sister as 5 points and want to apply as a skilled worker but can´t prove common law´, I suggest you either start getting documents in both your names (add her name to your credit card, get a joint bank account) or take the points test separately and apply separately.

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Ignore those who are not helping here.

My partner and I (both females) have submitted an application under Skilled worker category. I am the principal applicant. Suggest you do the followings:

1. Go to CIC website and check the online self assessment and see if you can get the minimum 67 points to apply under skilled worker catergory.

2. If you pass the 67 points, then follow the instuctions for application.

3. In terms of proof of ´common-law´ partnership, according to the instruction you have to prove that you have been in the relationship for 1 year. I have included in my application things like bank statements, car insurance, tax papers showing that my partner and I use the same address. If you have taken overseas trips together send pictures, visa stamp on your passports showing that you both have same dates stamped on the passport. Any other legal document that shows you share the same address would help.

3. While waiting for Canada to make a decision my partner and I actually applied for a PR for NZ and we have been granted a work visa for now as common law partners. See

So there, be confident and send all legal documents that can show that you are living together and I think it should work.

Good luck.

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hi, if i have a job offer to canada and i want somebody to accompany me? not relatives .. how?
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Thanks for all those who are helping...

I tallied my points under the assessment criteria (by the way, isn´t the minimum points only 55? correct me if i´m wrong), and got a little over 60. I´ve read the instructions for applications and i think we will be able to provide the required documents, except that we are lacking evidences required if we are to go under common law partner,as i´ve mentioned we can only provide photos,letters of support, i mean when we were together we had no clue that a chance like this would come and so we didn´t bother to have documents under (or both) our names. Is it too late if were going to start now? or is there any other way?

i hope i´m not being pushy on this matter. just want to get more information.

thanks goshhh for the encouragement.

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Wawa -if you did not include your spouse and children in your original application - no.

Miyu - you need 67 points as a skilled worker, plus you will need to offer some validation for your relationship with your partner. It is not as involved as a sponsorship but CIC will want to be sure your partner is not looking for a free ticket into Canada.

First, you must addess your point shortage.

Yup you need 67 points (in reply to: common law partner)

Your priority should now be to Look at the point system and see how you can achieve the 67 points.

Start changing the mailing address of both your bank accounts, utility bills, credit card bills, insurance etc. to the same address in 12 months you would have collected documents to accompany the application.

How many points did you give yourself for language, I suggest you work hard on getting IELTS score above 7 then you would get 15-16 points towards skilled worker application.

You mentioned that you are both in a business, do you or your partner have any work experience? If you partner have more years of work experience than you then it might be better for her to be the principal applicant.

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thanks Sharon...
I dont want to include my spouse in application but I want my cousin to accompany me.. can or not? ..
what document i need?

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I do not think there is any opportunity for a relative to accompany you.