BF'date to ROL on 18-06-06

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Subject: BF'date to ROL on 18-06-06
  question for CAIPS?

what is bf date to ROL??

does that mean at that date they gotta ask ROL fee???

timeline :
AOR MARCH 09,2006
2 year post graduate work permit.

BDEC 1,background and security check, pass
security and criminal check 1, pass.
paper screen 1, pass.
no IA, haven´t heard anything yet

departure bay
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Hahha oh my god still asking fucking questions about your application... Oh man I thought you were dead, or gave up being boring,...for a long time you didnt ask anything related to your appl. Tell me this is the 1000th. post you asked a stupid question ?..

Departure Bay you are not gonna be given PR becasue of your boring curiousity, impatience....

Suggestion please write complaint letters to all the MPs, then another letter to the prime Minister, then even try United Nations, if they all do not work then try Bush he has good contact with Mr. Harper...

Departure Bay go to the youth concerts and cry , scream in the first row, and forget about your PR...

To all people you may say I am being rude, but please do a research, type in "departure Bay´ and see this idiot´s SAME AND SAME REPEATED AND REPEATED posts about his application...

DB really sucks
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Seems all of the portion that delay an application are over in your case. Background Check, Security Check and Criminal Pass are OK.

BF´D is the date someone should have updated your file. Keep your fingers crossed - if all goes OK you should be hearing for your visa soon!

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i haven´t even got IA yet.
departure bay
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so what? what you gotta do to me?
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departure bay
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