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Subject: File transfered to Seattle
June 15,2005- AOR. Got a letter today telling that file has been moved to Seattle office. How fast is Seattle in sending IAs? Is anyone in similar situation.Please advice.
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Mine transfered to Seattle on Mar 09 and got IA dated 04/12. Expecting PPR sooner.
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Thank you very much for the information you post here, since my FN date is very close to yours, and I have expected my file to be transferred to Seattle also. But I received my refunded landing fee last week directly from buffalo, so I am very sure that my file was in buffalo at least around that time. So did you get your landing fee refunded or did you hand in your landing fee when you submitted your application to buffalo initially?

When you say AOR date, does it mean the date File Number was issued to you?

Thank you for answering my questions.

File to be sent to Seattle is a good sign, as they handle it very fast.

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My AOR is Mar 20, 2005. IELTS was requested in 2005, do not remember the month. I did not pay the ROLF when applied. I paid according to the new fee schedule at medicals time. So, I am not expecting any refund.
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To AOR Mar 20, 2005:
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Actually my AOR is around mid-June, and I just figure out AOR = File Number date.

To AOR June 15, 2005:
May I ask you to answer the questions I posted on the third level of this bulletin? It´s about landing fee refunded blah blah...

Thank you.

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My file was transferred to Seattle Feb. 13, 2006
IA Feb. 17, 2006
Medicals reached Ottawa March 22, 2006
PPR June 6, 2006
Landed June 24, 2006

Seattle seems very fast, they also answered questions promptly. Good luck!

My file trenfered to Ottawa (in reply to: File transfered to Seattle)
I have already done an interview and medical check on April 20, 2005.But still waiting the visa issue. Yesterday,I got message that my file was transferred to Ottawa. Let me know please how long should i wait to get the visa issue.


Than Maung

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