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Subject: Understanding CAIPS Medical codes
  Would appreciate this forum´s assistance on this query.

I am the principal applicant, with my wife and son as secondary applicants. We undertook our medicals in Jan06, though each of us underwent the tests on different dates.
In the recent CAIPS reports, there is a medical code appearing as M01 aginst my name.
Can someone explain what this means?
Is there a code to appear separately fopr my wife and son?

The medical decision field on the CAIPS report is blank

We are still awaiting a PPR request.


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may be doctor missed to send your wife and son records ?
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Usually med codes should appear separately for principal applicalnt and family members (P. applicant info is followed by medical statements of family members). Check it, if it´s not there, may be send e-mail askingabout it. M01 mean the "perfect health", don´t worry.
The results of your medicals were recieved and you are healthy, but were not finally accepted by CIC (would appear as Medical decision) untill your background or other checking is complete. wait a little longer, hopefully you´ll get PPR soon.
Good luck

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