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Subject: common law partner continued...
  To goshhh / Sharon,

My mistake, I´m so so sorry...i forgot to mention were planning to apply under Family support priority assessment stream - Manitoba, that´s why i got confused in the minimum passing point, the required score is at least 55 points.

If the requirements needed to prove a common law partnership stands the same for this category, i guess we´ll have to collect more documents other than what i´ve mentioned.

A big thanks for the info, very much appreciate it.

good luck Miyu (in reply to: common law partner continued...)
Don´t know any thing about the category you are applying under. Hope the evidence for common-law partnership proof is the same. Started working on ´creating´ the documents none the less. It should help.
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I have never heard of this program either.
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I found it. It is a blended skilled worker, sponsorship program.

if you are shy of points as a skilled worker, (needed occupations) and you have family in Manitoba - they can sponsor you as long as you intend to live in Manitoba.

Never heard of it before, but seems like a reasonable program.

So, once you determine if you qualify for the program - and you wish to include your partner in your application - you must validate your relationship in the same way every other skilled worker applicant must do.

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