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Subject: After Interview ...Whats Next !!
  I passed my interview on 2nd November in Manhattan but that nice visa officer didnt have my wife & son´s medicals which he told might be lying on some1´s table in buffalo because were mailed out from dr. in a single packet. He told me that it would take 4 weeks total to get my PP/Landing fee request letter. what is time frame ? Some1 can share me his experience ..plz.
Moreover, my PP would be stamped in Manhattan or in Buffalo ?

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Hi Zhi,

Congratulations. You should get the PP request in the timeframe suggested by the immigration officer. You will be issued a visa from Manhattan so you will have to send your passport there.

I would really appreciate it if you can share your interview experience as I am currently waiting for interview in Manhattan. Can you also please tell us your time line :
When did you apply?
When did you get initial assessment/interview required?
When was your file transfered to Manhattan?
When did you get interview notice from Manhattan?
When did you get medicals done?


Time Line !! (in reply to: After Interview ...Whats Next !!)
Applied: June 2002
Recieved File#: November 2002
Initial Assessment: March 2003
Family Updation Request: October 2003
File Transferred: Feb 2004
Updated Employer Info Request: May 2004
Interview Letter: August 2004
Medical Sent: August 2004
Interview: November 2004

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I was in Consulate 15 minutes before interview time with my wife and 2 year son (they mention not to bring children < 18). We were called and our passports were reviewd on one window and he told to wait again with same token# (we were thinking interview is started). After 1 hour waiting we were called in another room where visa officer welcome us accross the window. He introduced himself and explained that the reason of this interview is to verify my current job experience/title. Which i explained him with supporting docs from my employer and from my current legal status in US.
He asked me abt our medical because he could only get my medicals. I made it clear that these were sent altoghther and he agreed that it would be lying in RPC somewhere (it happens frequently i think from his behaviour). He requested Proof Of Funds and after i gave him copies and original he calculated altoghther (having 2-3 banks stmts). He appreciated my experience and english profeciency and congratulated me for passing the interview and gave me the timeframe with a letter explaining the payment for RLF. For a few more minutes he briefed me about canada and .. we left happily. it took almost 30 mintz max.

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Thanks Zhi for providing very useful information to all of us waiting for interview in NY.
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