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Subject: Teaching Future In Canada !!
Im Master in Education and on H4 in US since last 3 years but before that i was teaching in Pak. What is the teaching future in canada as im migrating to canada soon. How can i get a job there ? Any help ?
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It is very difficult to get a job in Canada. The market is tough and employers tend to hire local grads then foreign grads. Even if you got your degree from US, the don´t care here. Most people I know when immigrated to Canada had to goto grad school here for 2 yrs before they could find a decent job.

Hope the info helps.


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I have put your question to my friend who is the president of a local teaching association. I hope she might give us some help or point us in a good direction to look. Others have asked the same question so hopefully we can solve the mystery.

Yes, teaching positions are tough. If you have a specialty, you might have an easier time. In BC, we have a surplus of locally licenced teachers because we have a declining school population. The government has been closing some schools. It appears that nobody is having kids!

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Thank you Sharon im waiting for your response and details abt it.
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this is what she said...

´They would have to contact the BC College of Teachers to find out whatrequirements they would have to fufill to get a certificate. There is a web site that gives some general info, so that would be a good place to
start. www.bcct.bc.ca

The training in the States varies from state to state so I couldn´t even begin to guess what specifics a person might need and of course it depends if it is elementary or secondary.´

I checked out the website but could not find specifics. have a look anyway. Maybe I am missing something.

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thanku sharon !!

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