Getting US Visa Extended in Canada

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Subject: Getting US Visa Extended in Canada
  I´m currently in US on an F1 - D/S (visa expired - but I have a Duration of Stay for Program stamped).

I have about a year of Program left which I intend to do before I move to Canada.

Is it advisable to take a U.S. visa in Canada? how difficult is it to get the extention? I know on a D/S I can always go and come back in 30 days and it is OK but I cannot visit my home country for a year!

Has anyone taken a visa from Canada in similar situation?

Please advice. Thanks.

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You are in wrong forum.Check this out

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hi Peter,
if you have a f-1 visa you can go to canada and comme back within 30 days. if you plan to move to canada, you need to give back your i-94 to cic port officer.if the usa authority do´nt receive your i-94 it is going to be difficult to get a visitor visa while in canada. for that you have to make sure you start a good job. so that when you apply for a visa you can have strong evidence that you are going to say in canada. one of my friends after he got his pr card before getting a job he applied for a visa to go back to usa, but the consult denied his application.
in conclusion,you won´nt be able to receive any extension while your are in canada.and if you do´nt return your i-94 your are in violation of immigration rules and policy0
good luck.
i suggest that you go to canada. hunt for job. after you get your evidence you can apply for visa. this way you may a 10 years or 5 years visa which will help to go bak and forth beteeeen usa and canada.

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