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Subject: Second medical Test!!!
  Dear Friends,
I had applied for canadian immigration 3 years back, and after that my file was trasnfer to NY office.I received one letter from embassy asking me to submit updated form, and additional family information, Fresh PCC?s, proof of funds, right of landing fee and also they ask me to go for medicals with in 90 days.I sent every thing.Actually my daughter has some medical problem and they asked some extra medical test and we replied again.By that time my medical got expired and they asked again to go for second medical test.DMP office sent the second medical test result on Nov-05.After that again we got extra medical test for my daughter and we sent on 12-May-06.If my second medical result got expire then they will ask for third medical???

I don´t know what to do..pls advice.


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Thanks Anonymous for your input.But generally how much time it will take for them to take final decision after medical test.

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Usually 2-3 months
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I did it my second medical test on 22-Nov-05, got additional medical test for my daughter and that one also we sent it thru DMP on 12-May-06.What do u thing we should be getting reply in another 2-3 months?
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hi Sir my second medical has been done in 12 April 2011 but i didn´t get any reply from the immigration department.
Mrs Naveed
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