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Subject: Important Help is needed from Experts
  Hi all I would be very happy if somebody -an expert can help me with my problem...

Together with my family we got our PR visa and we are supposed to land in Vancouver before our visa expires. We have decided to live in Toronto becasue of our children´s education, so
1. Can we land in Toronto altough our PR is issued and mentions BC Vancouver as the landing place ? Will it create any problems ?
2. What about if we land in Vancouver, apply for a SIN card (giving the address of a friend) and then travel to Toronto after a week ?

Your help is higly appreciated

Cheers -

Confused Brazilian
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1) No problems, you can land anywhere other than Quebec
2) No problems again, as long as your friend sends your SIN cards and you give a Canadian address, it doesn´t have to be where you currently are.

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