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Subject: Exit Control in Canada
  Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Exit Control or Advanced Passenge information being used to monitor exit.

Someone I know left Canada within a month of landing and now when they submitted their tax return, CCRA refused claiming that they do not qualify as a RESIDENT. CCRA seems to have his exact date of departure from the country. How in the hell did they get that info? And are they sharing this info with CIC?

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May I ask how the person left Canada? Through airline?
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Yes they did. Air Canada
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What a crap! Why you people play games like that? Your friend wanted to have his cake and eat it too. I would say just hang him high. And never let him near Canadian borders. You must be a straight jacket or don´t even pursue the damn thing. Maybe these kind of situations make the Canadian INS realise that most of these greedy 3rd world people are playing with Canada to have a chance at playing the US!
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