got it ! need help

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Subject: got it ! need help
  Huy guys ! It is my turn to say my visa was stamped on my passport:

time line: Applied 10/04
AOR: 01/05
IA 01/06
Medicals : 02/06
PPR: 06/06

I have 2 questions:
1- I mentioned on my application that my destination is Alberta,after I land , can I give them address in Ontario to send my permenant resident card to ?or should i give them address in alberta ?! I am planning to go back 2 the states on the same day !

2- regarding proof of fund, do I have 2 bring cash, cashier´s check or bank statement will be ok ?

thx guys !

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I second that reply. CONGRATS!!! I got my visa this month to! Good luck.
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I third that reply. Good job anonymous.
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After arrival in Airport, u will be asked for a mailing address. At that time u can give the address whatever u like.
Okay u can go any where after getting PR even Quebec.
Finally, i like to say, Alberta is good for live thn Ontario.
I don´t know how many memeber with u. It doesn´t a big things how much u like to carry. But it is good for 2000 USD for main applicant thn 1000 for each member.
Don´t be misguided about Dollar. Try to bring all things to take tax free first entrance opportunity.
U hv to face two immigration officer in Airport.
Ist immigration officer ask u how much u hv carried on?
and also ask u will u bring more in later.
Frkly, say "yes". i´ll bring later.

2nd immigration officer doesn´t ask u anything. He/she will check ur papers and may ask some question on papers like ur birthday, ur destination etc.


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i would eager to know what is AOR nad IA?

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