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Subject: Immigration attorney or ?
I am looking for an HONEST attorney or one of those that offer to process your paperwork for you for PR and immigration in BC.

Recently, I purchased property in Washington that borders Canada, but really want to move across the line some day soon.


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The application package is so clear and easy to follow that anyone with reasonable literacy can do it. Hiring an attorney or consultant won´t help you much. You still have the burden to assemble most of the paperwork. Who is more trustworthy than yourself?
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I did my process myself and I got all the help I need for this and other forums so I would say if you think you meet the points then you don´t need a lawyer.
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Thank you for all of your input. I will be able to make the points from what I have read. The only major problem that I see is my age, as I am over 50 thus my points for age are zero.

I do have a degree and can comprehend most all of what I read (except medical jargon)but don´t want to miss something that will be a fatal mistake in the process.


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