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Subject: Mosaic Down syndrome
  I had applied as a skilled immigrant 3 years back with my wife and three children. One of my daughter is around 26 Months old, she has Mosaic Down syndrome. Do u think they will reject my application because of my daughter. When I applied my application she was not born and we did?t know that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It might be, as she will need special education at least. It´s really up to the officer in charge of your case - I assume she´s had a medical now and that the CIC know she has this syndrome? You could try asking on a larger website with more people as then the chances of finding someone with the same case as yours is higher - but again, as I said, it really just depends on how severe the repercussions are (how much of a ´burden´ to the state she will be) and on what the officer thinks.
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Thanks a lot for your input.

They asked additional test results and about special education. I sent the result to medical officer thru DMP. She has Mosaic Down syndrome and she walking, eating and behaving as a normal child. Only thing, she has developmental delay for around one year.

Please advice...

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Don´t worry Mike I think you and your family will be fine.
I think you will get your PR. Me and my family landed 3 weeks ago, and we though canadian inmigation would refuse
our application after they knew my husband had a really bad heart attack and a open heart surgery (4 bypass). Thanks God everything turned out to be ok. They just asked
for additional test and at the end they gave us the PR.
Have faith, and if this (Canada) is the best for you and your family, will get your visa. Trust me.

I´ll have you in my prayers.

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