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Subject: Your opinion on Fund
  I have a July 2005 AOR and know that IA will come soon (another month or two).

In preparing for the proof of fund (total 3 family member), I have about $15,000 in 401k, my house is worth $180,000, but I only have $20,000 morgage on it, i also have investments in my own country, in which i have to pay morgage on that too.

The question is i want to pay some more morgage money in my own country now, in that case my cash in my account only will not be enough to meet the requirement of CIC ($15,000 CAN).

I am thinking if house value plus 401k will be ok for proof of fund.

Any sugesstion will be welcome.


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Thanks for your reply. I am very appreciated.
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Could you please explain what is the meaning of
401k, 15K?
I will be thankful.

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401k is a retirement plan in US, and 15k means 15,000 dolloar.
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Thanks for your pristine english...
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