Is it easy to land by driving ?

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Subject: Is it easy to land by driving ?
  Hi, I am living in Texas, and thinking to drive my own car to Canada to finish the landing. What is the most close border I can go thru? and Is there any regulation for my car? This timedon´t plan to stay long in canada. I just try to finish the landing procedure, and ask them to mail the PR card to a friend in Ottawa.

Are there lots of people driving to land at this season?

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Recommend Sault Ste. Marie, as this is very scenic going through Wisconsin, upper peninsula Michigan, and crossing at confluence of 3 great lakes. Lake Superior is breathtaking from Canadian side. Sault Ste. Marie is a nice middle size Canadian city with easy international crossing.

You´ll need to "import" your car with Canadian Customs at the time of your landing. I also will drive to land in a few months, using this route. Don´t forget to have your 2 goods lists ready before landing - goods you´re importing now, and goods to follow later. Otherwise you´ll have to pay taxes on anything you bring later that you didn´t report.

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We drove from South Carolina to Calgary with a big U-haul trailer in tow :). It took us 4 days but the mountains and scenery that we saw were really worth the trip. We drove for a maximum of 13 hours then check-in at an Inn then drive again. We are a big family so driving was really the option and we brought a lot of things with us.

If you´re only one and plan to comeback soon then flying might be the better option for now. Just put your car in your list of goods to follow so that when you land again for good your car will still be tax-free.

Richard is right, either way. you have to go through the importation process. visit Based on our experience, the importation process was really smooth and simple.

good luck.

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