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Subject: option c printout
My wife is applying for her parents and we need option c print out for with all applying documents and i tried to call them 10-2o times and getting busy line is there any online place where i can send them request ..i live in alberta,canada , the number i called is 1-800-959-8281
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no. try thursdays/fridays 7:59 am, be the first in line :)
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thx brother i will try to call them on thrusday friday.
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I am guessing you are looking at Sponsoring parents using the Family Class.

You should be able to find the document you need here:

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i tried to phone them this is hardest part to get them over the phone...
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Hi Mr. Tehal,

Even I am trying to sponser my parents in India. Can I know if you were successful....

Can Sponsor Be Represntive? (in reply to: option c printout)
I was wondering, my husband who I am sponsoring from India, has sent me the papers back, and he wrote me the sponsor down as the repersentive? is that aloud

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