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Hi brian,
NY replied me saying that "we are ready to finalize your file"....and that´s it. I guess my medical has already arrived there....but little worried if they ask for anything else. Have you heard anything from them yet?


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Pat, can you tell when did you have medicals? and when was your IA?

My medicals were on Apr 20th and IA was Apr 12th. My file is in Seattle, Did not recieve any notification on additional medicals.

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Hi Pat, what is your exact timeline ?

Well, for me the e-client status has not changed to medicals received. It is more than three months now since I did my medicals. I intend to contact NY office by July end.

I think if at the time of IA they had asked for W2 etc. then I don´t see a reason that they would ask for more documents. I can´t say that for sure though because I also have a small concern about, what if I don´t have the documents they ask for. But going by the records NY office is not that nasty, so hang in tight and please let me know your timeline.


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This is my timeline:

App: Dec 04
AOR: Mar 05
XFR: Jan 25 - NY begining of the month
IA: Feb 12 - End of the month
MED: Mar 27


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