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Subject: Marrying in us moving to Canada
  Hello everyone, I have a question..i´m planning on getting married in the US and then coming back to Canada with newly married wife...i wanted to know what i have to do for this to happen...i wish to find out as much as i can before then so i maybe able to continue this venture...please free to contact me at anytime on my for your time
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you may wish to read the cic websit to get a better idea of the process. it is not quite as simple as getting married and driving to Canada. you will have to go through the sponsorship process with your wife being with you in Canada (in which case you are considering an inland application, visa renewals, she cannot work, and about 1 year to complete) or an out of Canada application where she remains in the US, and you return to Canada after the wedding to begin sponsorship proceedings. That takes less time but obviously means you are apart for 6-9 months.
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