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Subject: help
  can some one help me please?
I became a permanent residence of canada recently. my wife and my child live with me in canada. my wife came here as a visitor. all her application was refused. she was told that she has to leave canada and apply for permanent residence from abraod. she was included in my application but CIC said that she had to send a passport which shows a departure from canada to any country. however, she could not get a passport for reseasons that i could not explain in this forum. even now it is difficult to get a passport. recently, she was told to apply for pre-risk assessment and if this application is accepted she will have the opportunity to apply for permenat residence from with in canada if not she has to go home. if she go home she has to take our child with her becasue our child is about 1 year old and this is really difficult for us.
I would like to sponser her but she doesnot have a passport. what shall i do?
please help.

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there is no other go then getting a passport.....if u say u cannot get one....thatz a dead end.......
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