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  My ex-wife got divorced last year in Canada, she is Canadian Citizen now and I am still an immigrant status. Can I marry my girlfriend in the Philippines even our country doesn´t have a divorced law? Is my status in the Philippines divorced or still married?

My reason of asking is I want to sponsor my girlfriend and our daughter to Canada.

I need some opinions before we proceed with our plan of getting married.

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The law you have to be concerned about is it legal to marry her according to her countries law? Depending on the province you are in try to get a statement from the jurisdiction that your in to show that you are free to marry.

Now hopefully if you had a daughter with her before you became landed you disclosed that daughter to CIC.


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If you were married in the Philippines, Phil does not recognize divorce.
You will either need to apply for annulment or
be sponsored under Conjugal Partner.
you can use Conjugal Partner because you will have a legal barrier preventing you from marrying but you will need to prove the relationship is real and has been on going for more than 1 year.

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