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Subject: saudi arabia exit reentry visa
  i am presently working in saudi arabia and my visa was processed in abu dhabi, i am planning to land in canada from manila , since my employer in saudi is not aware that i am leaving the company for good , i would be traveling to manila with an exit reentry visa to saudi arabia , my question is would my exit reentry visa to saudi arabia be a problem with the immigration people in canada?

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It shouldn´t be a problem...afterall you are just landing, in Canada and thereafter you may go back to wherever you like and later move finally,so long the time duration for staying outside Canada as a landed immigrant is not exceed
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thank you so much i really appreciate your reply
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Hi, Just want to ask if ever I was assigned to another country by my saudi employer and given an exit reentry visa (valid for 6 months) and I would like to make an "ungraceful exit" and go to the USA for another job, will I encounter problems? Will immigration question me if they see the exit reentry stamp on my paasport ans ask me why I didn´t return to my saudi employer?
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i have exitreentry i want to now the time limet of my exitreentry after how maney day´s the exitreentry will be expried , and if the exitreentry expried what i have to do.


abdul haque
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dear Sir,
I m Pakistani citizen currently working in Saudia Arabia as a Mechanical engineer. I would like to apply to canadian or australian immigration. Can I apply from Saudia arabia, if yes then guide me the true procedure.
Muhammad Irfan
Saudia Arabia

Muhammad Irfan
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Normally, exit and re-entry visa from Jawazaat (sudi immigration) is 6 months. but sometimes employers can get 1 year exit/rentry visa.
All i know from my experience is: if you are working in company, then there will be no problem with the employer, if you go some other country other than the exit/re-entry planned country. But if you working with some shitt saudi employer, then he might give you hard time in future on exit/re-entry visa requests.

best way is: just let him know before you travel that you got Canadian Immigration approval and you want to land here, so you can keep your immigration status.

For pakistani working is saudia or anywhere else in mid-east, you can apply in Islamabad at the canadian counslate.

the procedure is simple, just go to
and follow the instructions about the immigration. If yo wants to go through lawyer then best way is go through the canadian Lawyers, not the pakistani or Egyption lawyers.

You can check the date of your exit/re-entry visa on your passport. it starts from the date you travel.

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Rachel has not been at this website since 2006.

you have a problem. you have not met the residency obligations of 2 year residency in Canada out of the past 5 years.

you may be faced with applying for immigration all over again.

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dear sir, I have concern in my visa exit reentry in saudi, it ended las jan.3, 2011, 2 years already had past but I Did not return any more to saudi, now I had a good offer form saudi again with a new employer, is there any problem I´m encountering in the future when I will return there again? I had make biometric finger print before I leave in saudi airport Immigration. Please make advice.. Than you very much.

Alex T.

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hi i´m an ofw from saudi arabia, i have with me my final exit visa but when i arrive here in philippines my co worker called me and tellin me that my boss banned me in saudi arabia. my question is does my boss( kofil) has the right to bann me even i dont have any case from the est.what he´s mad for is i really wanted to go back here in the philippines with an exit visa. i want to work again in saudi arabia with other company.will ihave a problem going back? thanks