CIC Sample Acknowledgement Letter

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Subject: CIC Sample Acknowledgement Letter
  New Simplified Application Process
Here is the letter after September 1st 2006 all applicants will receive.

Dear __________________.
We have received your application for permanent residence in Canada in
the Federal Skilled Worker [Investor] [Entrepreneur] [Self-Employed]
Class on [date of application]. We have created a file with the file
number pasted above. You must quote this file number in any future
correspondence. A receipt for application fees submitted is also
enclosed. If you submitted additional supporting documents, these are
being returned to you and are enclosed. We will request supporting
documents at a later date.
This letter explains our procedures for your case and gives information
on what you can do to prepare yourself for immigration to Canada while
your case is in process. At the present time there is a queue of
applications in this category. We regret the delay. If you wish to
withdraw your application during this waiting period, you may obtain a
full refund of fees paid. Once documents have been requested and the
assessment of your application has begun, no fee refund is available.
No processing will occur on your file for approximately XX months.
[estimated range as currently appears on CIC web site for your office:
eg. 42-48 months]. This is our current estimate; however,
circumstances may change. Please consult the CIC website for up-todate
information on processing time at our office:
You may also check basic case status on-line at the Citizenship and
Immigration website ( using the ?e-Client
Application Status? function that is found in the ?Online Services?
section of the website.
Next Steps
When our office is ready to assess your file, we will send you a
complete list of required documents. You will be provided with 4
months to prepare and submit this supporting documentation. A list of
documents that we currently request is attached at the end of this
letter for your reference as to the type of documents needed. Do not
send these documents now. If you send these documents now, they will
be returned to you.
Documents must be submitted in a single package. Do not submit any
documents until you have prepared the entire package. We will make a
decision on your application on the basis of the documents you provide
at that time.
Until we request your supporting documents, we will not accept, respond
to, or attach to your file any interim correspondence, except:
- Change of address or contact information, including change of email
- Change of immigration representative;
- Request for withdrawal of your application and refund of fees;
- Submission of an Arranged Employment Opinion approved by Human
Resources Development Canada.
We strongly recommend that during this time you prepare yourself for
immigration to Canada. You should learn about living and working in
Canada so you can decide where to live and prepare yourself and your
family for life in Canada. For example, Canada has two official
languages, English and French. Depending on where you want to live in
Canada, you will need excellent speaking, reading and writing skills in
one of these languages. If you do not have strong English or French
skills, study the language before coming to Canada and learn the
vocabulary of your profession or trade. Remember: you will be
competing against many native speakers of English and French for any
available jobs.
Please note: just prior to assessment, the visa office will require
third party language test results, or other written evidence of your
language ability as part of your supporting documentation. If you
submit the results of an authorized language test, the visa officer
will accept these results as determinate. Because authorized test
results are independent and verifiable, cases for which authorized
language test results are submitted are likely to be processed more
quickly than those that rely on a written submission regarding language
ability. In either case, as the visa officer will make a decision
based on the language documentation you submit, it is recommended that
you undertake an authorized language examination in order to provide
the visa officer with definitive, verifiable results. In addition,
while your file is in queue, you may wish to take courses, try practice
examinations, and otherwise improve your language ability. Information
on the IELTS test in English can be found at
Information on the French language test, Test d´?valuation de fran?ais
(TEF) is available at
Finding work is a challenging process for Canadians and for immigrants.
It is essential that you prepare to work in Canada before you move.
Even if you have many years of work experience in your home country,
you may not be able to work in your trade or profession in Canada.
There are many things you can do in your home country to prepare for
working in Canada and make your job search easier.
One of your first steps should be to prepare for an assessment of your
professional qualifications. Many employers will require you to have
your credentials assessed and accepted before they will hire you.
These assessments measure how your training, education, and experience
compare to Canadian standards. They may also indicate what further
training may be needed before qualifying to work in Canada in your
occupation. As well, most regulated occupations do not permit persons
to practice their professions without a license. If you plan to
practice your profession in Canada, you should first determine whether
you will be eligible for a license to practice and, if so, what you
must do to become licensed.
You should also use this time to begin researching potential employment
in Canada. There are a number of electronic job banks which you can
access for information and job postings. For more information about
living and working in Canada, including language skill and credential
assessment, visit the Going to Canada website at:
Sincerely, Counsellor, Immigration
Document Checklist
[mission specific, based on application kits]
This list gives you general information about the type of documentation
you will have to provide at a later date. Do not send any documents
now. We will request documents later, and provide you with four months
to send them to us.
Immigration Forms
- An updated application form (IMM008) for yourself, your spouse,
and each of your children over age 22
- Schedule 1 for each person
- Additional Family Information form (IMM5406)
These forms are available at:
Civil Documents
The following documents will be required, if applicable, for yourself,
your spouse, and for each of your dependent children/
- Birth certificates
- Marriage certificates
- Divorce certificates
- Child custody orders
- Adoption decrees
- Death certificates
The following documents are required, as applicable, for your self,
your spouse, and for each of your dependent children over age 22.
- Official transcript(s) for secondary and post-secondary courses.
- Diploma(s) for secondary and post-secondary courses.
Work History
- Appointment/confirmation letters.
- Pay slips issued from your present employer.
- Detailed description of your job responsibilities (past and
If you are self-employed, you must provide:
- Copies of business registration.
- Proof of business conducted with clients, such as invoices/bills.
- Balance sheets.
- Income tax returns.
- Proof of your license to practice (if you are a private
Proof of Funds
- Bank statements and passbooks.
- Fixed deposit receipts.
- Securities (shares, debentures, bonds)
Other Documents
- Authorized language test results (IELTS, TEF, etc) or a written
submission providing evidence of your language ability.
- Passport photocopies.
- Proof of relationship to your relative in Canada. (Self-sworn
affidavits do not constitute satisfactory proof of relationship.)
- Recent original Police Clearance Certificates for you or your
dependents aged 18 years and above, issued by the police authorities
for each country in which you or your dependants have resided for six
months or more since you turned 18 years, except for Canada.
- Photographs as per attached specifications, height and eye
colour information for principal applicant and all dependents.

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Two words of summary: Information deluge.
Noteven going to attempt to read, nor make sense of it.
Roy what eactly do you do??? Are ya some kind of a legal freak?

righteous man
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I understood all of it fine and was glad Roy posted it. Immigration is complicated and is not disseminated in simple sentences.
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This was posted to help those who are applying without assistance in the Economic Class a.k.a. SW to inform them that they do not have to collect all of their documents now and that a new procedure is being introduced on September 1st 2006.

This information could save some applicants considerable stress from trying to get certain documents now.


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if you can´t read this, and you don´t think it is important... what are you doing on this forum?

This is HUGE important.

This is up there with changing the pass mark! You best read it.

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Me also thinks this is hugely important. Thanks so much Roy you are doing a pubic service for us immigrants and me is wholly thankfull for you kindness. You are a saint and the Cherokees and Apachees will welcome you into they tribe pow wow in heaven and will provide for you a beautiful indian babe to have such joy you would never believe would be possibel for a pale face likes youself.

Chief Bigfoot of the Osage tribe in the Osark mountains.

chief Bigfoot
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Thanks a lot Roy, it is very important information.
(in reply to: CIC Sample Acknowledgement Letter) i the link.

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Very important info.
Thanx Roy

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Thanks, Roy.

There are smart people and there are dumb ones, you can tell by reading their posts. Go figure.

CIC Sample Acknowledgement Letter - ALL NEW GUYS READ IT !! (in reply to: CIC Sample Acknowledgement Letter)
Dear Mr. Roy and all others,

I am planning to apply for PR in the next month(Aug 2006). At the moment , i have the following documents with me.

1) Language proficiency- IELTS certificate issued in July 2006

2) Notorised birth certificate, school and Degree(Engineering) certificate

3) All documents relating to present and past employments.

I am planning to arrange the following before application.

1) police clearence certificates from UK,UAE,KSA AND INDIA.

2) Medical fitness certificates

Can you comment on my status/strategy please? Will CIC accept my application if dont forward any of these documents? If i arrange this documents now, will CIC ask me to get it again at a later stage?

One more question:-

I hold a B.Tech degree in Engineering after 12 years of schooling(10+2). How many points i would get in Education?

please reply.