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Subject: Suggestions please
If leaving the country, should i provide Buffalo my new permanent address or should i leave someone in Canada in charge of my documents? If medicals requested, can I do them overseas?
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1)you should inform Buffalo that you are changing your address.

2)you can do your medicals overseas, no doubt - find the
respective doctor in the DMP list on the cic website.
just make sure that the dr sends your medicals to the address you need.

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How can I post my message?I am the first timer.Thank you.

Anna NY
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Anna NY,
There is a red tab on the top of each page, one of them says "Forum Index" click on it and wait for the page to load, then, check in the same place where you saw "Forum Index, there is another tab "New Topic" Click on New Topic, you will put your name in, your email address and the subject and you can ask your question or make your comment. Hope this helps


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