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  hi every body ,I am mexican and want to settle in canada ,looking for a job since a last five months on internet in diffrent web sites ,Tell me if i come to canada on visit visa can i get a job without work permit,is it too hard ?can i apply for a work permit after arriving in canada ?
please some one can advise me in this matter?

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no, sorry. you cannot work with a visitors visa. a temporary work permit must be arranged from your home country.
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Mexico citizen no need for visitor visa.
just come here and work undertable then, if you can speak good English, well there are alaways those Taco places

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good way to get deports and banned from Canada.
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Hi Shah,
Wouldn´t recomend coming and working illegaly, what you can do though is come and get an offer, go trough the HRSDC hassle, if you are able to get that you can apply for the permit once you are here, advantage of the NAFTA.
What kind of skills you got?

Taco places, mmm don´t know if you can call that tacos.

Good luck.


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I amvery thankful to everybody for their opinion,you asked me my skill ,I am textile engineer and i have been working for 4 years ,i do speak five languages I dont have a job now thats why i applied on internet but i dont know how long it will take ,i dont want to apply for immigration visa now .
Mr. Javier how to get a offer ?to visit diffrent places or any agencies ?and applying directly ?
please explain me .
Thanks again for everybody

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Hi shah,
Have a look at the link below, the job in that list are from employers ready to sponsor skilled workers,

Hope that helps. Arriba Sinaloa hijos de la chingada. Jajaja.


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Hy Mr. Javier
R you in money problem??. Sorry if I´m wrong. why don´t u look for job in Dubai? what i mean is that your a textile engineer n that has got good demand in meddle east. once u got good job in meddle east ,then u may apply under SW category.

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Hi Mr. Cherishman, I think you got mixed up, Shah is the one who is a textile engineer, thanks for the tip though.

Good luck

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