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  I am very thankful to everybody for their opinion,you asked me my skill ,I am textile engineer and i have been working for 4 years ,i do speak five languages I dont have a job now thats why i applied on internet but i dont know how long it will take ,i dont want to apply for immigration visa now .
Mr. Javier how to get a offer ?to visit diffrent places or any agencies ?and applying directly ?
please explain me .
Thanks again for everybody

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Forget it. Not to be harsh, but why would people sponsor you to work here when there are so many people here who can already work legally? What do you have that others don´t?
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Mate, believe me no campany in Canada would hire a person they have never heard of, never met, ...If you are not a world wide famous person, or have inventions, or published books etc. they will never do such a thing ....

Hiring someone out of Canada requires a lot of paper work for any company so why would any company do such a thing when there are many others available in Canada ?

If you still want someone to hire you from your own country then that employer must be someone you know, some relative or a very close friend in Canada who really wants to help you and ready to undergo all the paperwork, otherwise forget it ...

If you excuse me just a brief comment on your English and language skills, you might know a lot of languages but seems to me that ( considering your spelling mistakes in your thread and your style /organisation in your post) your English is not at a high level, so start with improving your English and apply on your own as a skilled worker ...

Good luck

Reality bites
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Illegal worker and a job in Canada are 2 different things because there are hundreds of PR with loads of degrees and skills have no jobs.......move to USA if u want to work illegal....Canada is not a place for illegals........
jing lee
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After reading the posts I wondered if we eally live in the same Canada, there´s a pile of jobs out there, all sorts of them, you just gotta give it a shot to cities other than toronto and/or vancouver.

If you are good enough on what you do and if you can sell yourself well enough to the employer (trough a good resume), they sure will take you, I mean there´s thousands of people who come over to Canada via WP, why wouldn´t you be the thousand and one?, may not be easy and take a few sent resumes and time but remember, impossible is nothing.

Just my opinion. Good luck to you all.


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