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Subject: INTERVIEW Help wanted
Since I have got IA saying interview will be scheduled .Can anyone guide me what they ask at the interview. What I have to be careful of? I am ind skilled worker applied from buffalo.
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Why don´t you just tell the truth?
Reposting my whole experiance!! (in reply to: INTERVIEW Help wanted)
Hello guyz!!!

First of all let me give you all a very big thanx, for all the support you were giving to evry other person in this forum...

The reason im thanking you all is after all these years of uncertainity, i finally got the passport request from detroit this week....

and would like to share my experiance in detail to all other guys who are in similiar situation like me.....

Part one : The Begining.....

I came to canada as a student in 2001 at the age of 21, and was all set to apply for immigration in 2004. The process first began with prepartion of cover letter of about 16 pages (double spacing) to the immigration officer detailing evrything from schooling to work experiance and education in canada and how it is gonna fetch me a good lifestyle here in canada.Later, took all steps to fill the application legibly, finally there was just one error which screwd me up*.(1.Explained in detail below).

Than i submitted the whole package of documents( about 60 pages includes evrything from school transcripts and passport copies), to the visa post of Buffalo.

After waiting for about a month i got AOR, stating that processing time would take about 53 weeks,i patiently waited for next 8 months and than got a letter,and medicals sheet, notifying me about the file transfer from buffallo to detroit, and interview is being required and would let me know about the interview atleast 2 months in advance.

Part Two: Curiosity....

I started to participate occasionally in this forum, and learnt about ordering Caips report and decided to go ahead to order one by myself and after about 5 weeks i received it....(1*)

Part Three: Being Restless...

Now i started getting frustrated about this waiting time, and wasnt sure what to do next,as i would be going out of status in couple of months, this period was really very rough and mean time completed my studies, so decided to take break and move out of the country,lucky me, i have an US visitor visa with me, which i got year earlier, so thought of having a good break in US, and left canada....

Part Four: Long Break!!

After being in US for about a month, got a letter from detroit, finalizing my interview date, and was scheduled in the year end. So Than decided to go for medicals in US, The medicals in US costs a fortune for a student like me, it was about $400, If it were in canada, i would have got it for 175$....Neways, Never mind.....

The Doctor assured me that the medical reports would be sent to Ottawa thru fedex ( No extra fees), so went ahead and i guess evrything was fine except for the thing, even after scheduled appointment i had to wait for about 4 hours at clinic.....

Part Five: D?Day...

After a long wait of about 19 months, i finally got ready to attend interview in Detroit, and decided to go there in car, it was about 12 hrs drive from where i stay, as i started after about 4 hrs drive, there was severe thunder storm all across central US and the drive was really scary,i had to drive rest of my journey in thunder showers which was about 8 hrs, and finally reached my destination safely....Thank God!!, Took a motel, about 1 mile from consulate, later in the evening just went around to have look at the consulate and surroundings....

I could not Sleep well that night, and i guess had just abt 2 hrs sleep, and got up early in the morning, made sure i had all original documents, and dressed in formal pants and shirt, ( wasnt wearing a tie even).

I Went to the consulate along with my girlfriend about 1/2 hr before scheduled time, in the ground floor there was a lady who asked me the purpose of the visit and i showed him the interview letter, then he gave us some identity card like thing asking to pin it to our shirt, and directed us.( they had no objections for allowing my GF with me to the consular office).

The consulate office i guess was somewhere on 20th floor( I dont remember exactly),i went there and produced the letter and all documents at the reception counter, the guy asked me to take seat and would be calling out as soon as the immigration officer gets my file.

I waited for about 15 mins, looking around, there were between 10-15 people, for different purposes and i saw two matured south east asian couple getting their visa rejected and another south-east asian person also being rejected, and my heart was beating fast and felt a bit nervous, and more over i was the only male in the room how was in simple formal clothing, rest of all were in suits, this embarrased me more and i was cursing myself for not wearing suit, neways.....finally the time has come, and my name was called aloud and a person was there near the door and escorted me into his room inside the office, i followed him and he had a calm personality & offered me seat. I took seat, i could see canada on the other side of border, just being separted by the river.

He had my file on his table, and started to type my name in computer and told me that he needs to clarify some information about my work experiance,he just asked couple of questions, like the company i worked for , the duration and the duties associated with my post, i explained him in detail and he has?nt convinced about that and was requested me to produce documents pretaining to tax and also letter from my past employer...i assured that i would be going personally to home country and send him the requested documents through mail, and he said only after getting those documents he could take descicion on my case, until than file was kept under pending.I had a draft for ROLF, which was taken already and decided to present it at the time of interview, however he refused to accept it and insisted me to send the documents ASAP.

Part Six: My Happy Ending...

And within a fortnight after interview, i flew to home country, and sent CIC the requested documents, and after about a month, finally i got the passport request and request to pay ROLF.

(1*. In one part of application there was a field where i was to mention the period of my high school, mistakingly i mentioned there ,the company i used to work for) This typographical error was taken seriously by immigration people, i could realize about this when i ordered CAIPS report after about 9 months of getting file number).

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Lengthy but worth reading...

Silly mistakes costs a lot here.

If possible try sharing this on

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Several interview-related articles and sample questions here:

Sorry don´t have the exact links but just do a search.

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wow , what a long read but worth every letter, thanks dude!

best of luck!


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