Can somebody please help me out!

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Subject: Can somebody please help me out!
  I met my boyfriend 2 years ago online. We met in person and shortly after concieved a child together. He is American. I am unsure the best way to go about having him obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada. I am currently on Social Assistance just until I finish school next year. We plan on getting married in the future and we would love to live together as a family and raise our son without the hassles of immigration. I was planning on sponsoring him as a conjugal partner but will our application be denied because I am on Social Assistance? What is the minimum you are allowed to make while sponsering somebody? If anybody has ANY information that could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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start here.

you are not eligible to sponsor if you are on social assistance. there is no minimum income requirement.

conjugal sponsorship is a tough one as well. have a read through cic and hopefully that will get you on the right path. I am sure there will be others here happy to add to my comments.

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I agree with Sharon.

On a personal note, if you guys think aok, why not take the next step of getting married? This way it would be super easy for him to get Canadian Immigration or for you to get American GC.


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