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Thanks Guys.

1) I received the PPR exactly 10 days after the eclient status
changed to Medical received.

2) Ro, you should be receiving it any time now.


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Congratulations, Brian. I should be right behind you hoping for PPR around September. Wondering what part of Canada you´re heading to?
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thanx brian....

good luck with ur ppr and landing.

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I am planning to Land in Toronoto. Earlier, I was thinking of landing by road, but this will be too much of a driving and I am not a great fan of driving long distances, so will rather fly. I have a lot to wind up in the US, I still have a good job here and I am yet to find one in Canada.

For formalities, I plan to land somtime in September, but will finally move to Canada in early 2007, unless I lose my job before this.


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Your situation is very similar to mine. I expect to get PPR in September. I have a decent professional job now with nothing lined up in Canada yet. Toronto is also my destination. Was thinking of going up to Toronto to look at housing. Only difference with me is I´ll probably drive, even for landing. Have a house here to sell, which will do over time into 2007 as I slowly move.

What´s motivating your move from here (U.S.) to Canada, especially since you have a good job here?

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Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your respone.

Well, it is a good question, the thing is I am in US on work visa for the last three years, and my GC will take another three years...that means I have to stick to the same job... and not have choices plus always the fear of losing my job.. and in turn to leave the US, since my stay here is job dependent. So I decided to opt for Canada, and from what I have heard it is a very nice place to live, the money might be little less though, but I will have my freedom.


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Congrats, Brian - wish u all the best, keep in touch!

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