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Subject: 2003 cic applicant
  hope somebody could help me answer this, i applied for can-immigration and got my file no. last March 2003. Any news or estimates as to when my application be processed. Im almost loosing hope coz ive heard some 2002 applicants who left last qtr last year and i was thinking by this time it should be our turn to be evaluated. iwas thinking of a lot of speculations about my application. Pls. help me boost my confidence again. Are cic evaluators really that slow..... ?
do you know any 2003 applicants who have results already by this time? pls. share them to me. thank you.

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I have recently seen 4 year old applicants just now got their PPR. Every CIC is different...did you try contacting them and asking for the status of your application?
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Which post did you apply at ?


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Depends on office you applied with and country of exodus ( background check could take more time in some cases)
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if you don´t tell us which visa office you applied to,
who knows?? if that´s in India, 3 years, eh?? still pretty quick

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glad to hear from you guys!
i just call the agency who assisted me in filing my papers to cic-manila from time to time but haven´t tried asking the embassy directly because the website says : that follow ups can delay processing of applications. i wonder if this is true, any idea?
tnx to your inputs, my application is on its 3 yrs last march, meaning i still have 1 year waiting time.

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