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Subject: IELTS exemption (Urgent)
  Hi there,

Ive been raised in Dubai, U.A.E and have studied in English Medium schools throughout.
I completed by O Levels and went to the States for a 4 yr degree program.
Now I am planning to migrate to Canada and IELTS is required.
My friends are telling me that IELTS for me would be exempted cos of my 4 yr USA degree and my O level graduation.

Is this true? Cos this will save me time and also who should i get an official letter from, stating this exemption?

Will really appreciate if you reply to my enquiry soon.


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Hi AZ,

I would recommend, apply now for immigration and after that take the IELTS exam. Submit the score if either they ask for it or if you get socre of 7 in all the four bands.

The thing is, I studied all thru in English medium,and I am most comfortable with this language than any other, I also attended Harvard, still they asked for it.


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Thanks for the quick response Brian!!
Ill start enquiring about the exam dates tommorow

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Hey AZ

I did not have any secondary school education in English, however, I had a teaching diploma from Cambridge University - the UK , did my masters in Australia and got high distinction from all my subjects, (and lived in Australia only for a year) when I applied for immigration, I wrote a letter to the CIC and explained them why I should be excempted from the IELTS exam and attached my diplomas, transcripts to that letter, as well as a detailed summary of my job experience and they never called for an interview or asked for an IELTS exam, ...

Nevertheless, I would still advice you to sit in the exam, because I am definetely sure if you have lived in the USA for a long time, then that exam must be a piece of cake for you, and also noone can guarantee you that they will not ask you to sit in the exam, it is only up to the CIC officer,...

Writing a letter to them and explaining my own case with my English seemed to have satisfied them but that doesn´t mean it will apply to everyone, see what Brian says above... so go for the exam, I recently sat in the exam just to see my level of English (at the moment I live abroad-not in Canada) and I got L- 8 R-8- W-8 and 9 for speaking so I am sure you can do better ....Good luck

Reality bites
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Thank you so much. Very clear !!
God Bless

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Ph.D, Columbia University
MD, Harvard Medical School
MBA, Harvard Business School
MFA, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
BA, (English Literature) Yale University

Hey, AZ, impressed with the above? It ain´t mean´t squat to the immigration chaps cause I still got to take them damn exams. I got this far with my degrees by writing the answers on my arms and legs but I ain´t able to pass this freaken exam. I so upset that I accidentally cut off the weiner of a patient I was operating on for prostate cancer and lost all my hospital privies at St. Mary´s. I got these guilt feelings that this poor guy walkin around San Francisco without no weiner to get a girlfriend. How can you have a girlfriend without no operating weiner? All because of that damn IELTS. (I got 2´s on my last one)So I advise you to take the exam. I´m hoping to get a Canadian wench to marry my butt.

Cho Yu Soo
IELTS exemption (in reply to: IELTS exemption (Urgent))
Hello Dear!
I have come to know through that;
Regulation 79 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation provides that -
"Skilled workers must specify in their application for a permanent resident visa which of English or French is to be considered of their first official language in Canada and which is to be considered their second official language and must,
(a) Have their proficiency in those languages assessed by an organization or institute designated under this regulation or
(b) Provide other evidence in writing of their proficiency in those languages."
I qualified Medical Graduation from an Institution in Pakistan in 1983, whose medium of study was English and also did my postgraduation in 2006, through an English medium institution. Furthermore, I have been working as English medium foreign teacher in a Medical University at China, since more than one year.
I have pretty good proficiency in all four fields of Endlish Language.
Can this rule apply to me?
Dr. Rasheed, Pakistan

Abdul Rasheed
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