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Subject: Documents with PPR
The passport request that I received says in addition to the other
documents, I have to submit my PP and 4 photos.

Can anyone please help me on what all documents they are talking about here ? Any help is appreciated.


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Others who´ve already receievd PPRs may want to comment. But to be safe, I´d email them and ask - they should respond quickly to such a legitimate question.
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Original of their letter asking for passports, passports for each family member, 4 photos for each family member. All must go into grey envelope. Also get a Large Express Mail envelope ar your local post office, pay 14.40 stamp and affix to the Express envelope. Fill in the returning form ( From: Consulate; To: Your name and address). Affix to the envelope ( don´t dettach any label copy). Fold this big envelope by four and squeeze into the grey envelope). Go to Post Office, ask to affix tracking number and postage. Mail it. Go to Starbucks, relax.
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Hi Eldorado,

Thanks for the great help. But I did not receive
any grey envelope, all I got is just one page letter
in a small brown envelope from NY office. Is is all ok ?

I think I need more people to shed some light on this, especially the ones who received ppr from NY office, may be Buffalo is different ?

Please let me know.

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I believe the grey envelope is common for PPRs issued by Buffalo. Ours was from Detroit and also did not come with the Grey envelope.

The letter simply mentioned that your case appears to be ready for visa issuance etc.

For our PPR package, I sent them a cover letter telling them what documents I am sending them, copy of the PPR letter, passports,pictures, and money order for the RPRF.

I wouldn´t worry about that ´other document´ phrase. For as long as you have read every single word of the PPR letter and thy are not requesting anything anymore then I guess everything is okay.

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Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the help.
To sum up all I need to send them is

1) Passport
2) Four Photos
3) The original PPR (or may be copy)
4) Landing Fee ( I already paid this)


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can u go in person to NY to stamp??


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In our PPR letter we (applied to Buffalo) were suggested to send the pre-paid in-Canada Expresspost invelope along with the passports and 4 pictures.
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If one has to go in person, you have to drop the passport on any Thursday and pick it up the FOLLOWING Thursday.



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