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Subject: Goods to follow
  I am in the US and have received my PR recently and planning to move to Canada very soon.The problem is, when I landed I forgot to add a lot of stuff in Goods to follow list. Its been almost 4 months since i landed and now i have lot more things including my Car that i have had since over 5 years. Is there anyway I can avoid paying taxes for the Car and extra stuff i will be taking to Canada. How much tax do i need to pay for my Car and some electronic stuff that i forgot to declare on goods to follow list earlier..Thanks.

- k132

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I doubt very much you can get out of not having to pay taxes on your unaccounted goods. If they made such exceptions, there would be no point for immigrants having to fill out and submit these forms.

You can always try and contact Canadian Customs and explain your situation.

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K123, Please tell me did you have to pay taxes on your car?
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