What does CAIPS mean?

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Subject: What does CAIPS mean?
Dear All,
What does CAIPS stand for?what information we get from,how and at what stage?
Thank you very much

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CAIPS is an acronym for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. It is part of the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) system used by the Canadian Immigration offices to process visa applications.

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your question and Rgeno79´s reply enlightened me, it means cic is processing applications in series, maybe accdg to file number.

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Thanks for the reply Rgeno79
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It is best to get it after receivng your IA. I learned that. I got it last year April, when I only had my AOR and it didn´t give me much information, only a brought forward date which wasn´t important. At least now since my file got transferred to LA and they emailed me saying that I need an interview, I requested it again so that I could find out why.

So I would say to get it at the stage that you assessment is finished, but I know the itch you get after receiving your file number you want to see if there are any other information regarding your file. So it gives you a peace of mind, but don´t put too much hope in it if you haven´t received your IA.


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