Arranging employment and the Work experience

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Subject: Arranging employment and the Work experience
  Hi all:
I have 2 questions Concerning Arranging employment in Canada and the Work experience factors:
Could anybody explain please?

Self-Assessment Worksheet :
How to estimate your points :

First: (10 points)
IF: You do not currently have a
work permit and you do not
intend to work in Canada
before you have been issued
a permanent resident visa.

AND: You meet all required Canadian
licensing or regulatory
standards associated with the job.

Dose this mean, I should send my educational documents to Canada in order to be evaluated to get the 10 points of this factor.


I have long work experience in my occupation but for certain circumstances ,the ministry in which I was working and all relating establishments had been dissolved 3 years ago , it is not exists any more, for that its impossible to provide any evidences right now.

Dose this mean I will never count points for it?

I need advice and help.
Thank in advance

Me. En.

Me. En.
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