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Subject: Wife's Tourist Visa
  I have sponsered my wife from pakistan and i want her to visit me as a tourist, i have a good job and i can afford her expenses of the trip. Does any one has some suggestion what could be the best reason to call her or any body can thourgh some light on it.

I know her visor visa will not effect her sponership process


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no but Canada gets nervous that she will go home at the end of her visit. that is the bigger issue - her ties to home and her motivation to go home.

CIC will assume she wants to remain in Canada while her application completes.

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Just ensure that she can show ties to her country, and she will be fine. It should not be any problem at all.
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Well sharon u are right, she is working in as a nurse in Aga KHAN Hospital one of the reputed one and she has to join her job back as she has one year contract. And any way her documents will get process sooner or later then what couuld be the possible reason of deniel

Thanks for your help guys

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contracts are easily forgotten when you have a husband somewhere else. if she does not go home - what will they do, fire her? It might look good at first but CIC is very nervous about these kinds of situations.
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sorry but there is about a 99% chance her tourist visa will be refused! Sorry but its just the way it is. Your kidding your self if you even think you have a remote chance!
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i am from the philippines my husband is a canadian i want to apply for tourist visa coz i just want to visit my husband i really miss him so

much we are just newlywed, and we are planning to have our second honeymoon in canada and visit my husband

parents and realatives, and guaranty that i will leave canada on the end of my stay, wat i am worrying is i dont have

a bank accout or any finances, and dont have a job, my husband supporting me with all my needs, is it possible

that i can still apply for tourist visa, and my husband will cover all my expenses on my stay in canada thanks! hope

you can help me..

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jhen ... If you husband is a Canadian, he can file a spousal sponsorship to sponsor you to Canada. Once the PR application is in Manila and you forwarded all the necessary documents required by the embassy in Manila, you can try to apply for TRV citing dual intent. Not to say they will allow it - because the officer does have reservation that you won´t return to the Philippines to wait for your visa. Important to know that just because one is married doesn´t mean their marriage is genuine ... officer can´t tell until documents are assessed. And it doesn´t mean a person is admissible, until the background clearances are back. To jump the gun and allow you to enter Canada, how are they going to get rid of you if your PR application is refused or you are inadmissible for whatever reason. Not to say you can´t try ... you just have to go the extra distance to prove to visa officer that you will return home on expiration of your Temporary Resident Visa.
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