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Subject: Post-graduation work permit
  I obtained a work permit for a year at the immigration office located in Ottawa and my employer would like to renew my contract for one more year. Can the Ottwa office renew for an extra year?
(I believe stduents are eliginle for two years, I completed one year and may an option for a second year).

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Assuming the work permit you currently have is a one-year post-grad. work permit, you can renew that for an additional year based on two-year post-grad. work permit program. I guess. Anyway, confirm with CIC please.
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Hi laura ,can i ask you some questions even they are not answere of your question but mine yes plz .I am in mexico and want to be in canada ,mean while looking for a job,tell me If i come to canada for studies can get eassily job?work permit ?I am allready mechanical engineer having 5 years of exp.i want to be in canada with in two months advise me plz in this matter as you are allready student ...
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