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Subject: Hats off to CIC
  I have nothing but praise and high admiration of how fast CIC is working these days. I sent in my application sometime in February, file number was received sometime in April, IA sometime in March, Meds in April, other docs in May, Passport request Early July, Visa? Just got it. Gotta get outa the Land to land. Will do it after a short cruise across the US next month. I plan on cruising the US from east coast to west coast, land in Van and cruise across Canada back to east. The whole process took 12+2 months. I got nothing but great appreciation for them folks working their life away at CIC. Don´t ask me exact dates and what not. All was taken care of by the attorneys. But then again, exact dates mean little in this kind of process. And yes I am a SW from the US, now with a lifelong parking permit in Canada too... LOL. I love this country and the one south of it. I will be the man of two nations soon.
Righteous man
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Well, good for you. And now that CIC happened to have worked so fast for you, your praise of the process is flowing like syrup on pancakes. Nevermind the long waits others had to endure through no fault of theirs.

I could say congratulations and I grudgingly do, as all of us should here. But your recent "moral bankrupcy" lecture to the rest of us here has left a sour note about you. Here´s your quote to "us":

"All ye people appear to loose your marbles and good sense of humor, in your endless wait for popping up in Canada like bird-droppings. I can see that most of you probably good-for-nothings and have this eagerness to arrive in Canada and swallow its natural wealth and reduce it to the poor damn lands you are escaping from. If you need any profound advice on how to crawl out of your bancrupt mindset, send a fistful of dollars and I will find a nice n easy way of enlightening you faster than a bowl of fastfood."

So I say good riddence.

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Can´t you be happy for the guy, you jealous creep? Maybe it´s good that you didn´t get anything since you don´t deserve it. And your name says it all: you trully are DICK!
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Seems Righteous man was using a Drive thru Window.
Story doesn´t look honest

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well, i have to say congrats to you Righteous man, but, what Richard said about you is true. I wish you all the best, but lately, you´ve not treates us like you´re a Righteous man at all, hope your landing in Canada goes fine and hope that this attitude you gave recently changes before you get to canada. Take care man.
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Maybe I did overdo these comments. I just don´t like being called morally bankrupt. And to Cool, I did get everything in my process, so calm down. Hopefully we can be civil with each other again. Ok, I´m done commenting to anybody on anything other than immigration issues.
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sounds like a typical club biker to me or a wanta be :)
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That´s because you are in the us.. in Damascus we are waiting since 2001
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Richard, I appologize. There is no excuse for me to call you names like that. Please forgive me. I am a total ass and a jerk. Really really sorry for my behavior. Im waiting just like you for CIC to reply, and I got really sick of waiting that one day. Not sure why I unloaded all on you. Very very sorry for that!
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No problem and I much appreciate your follow-up comments. Like you, I think I unloaded on Righteous too much. I think we´re all a bit annoyed at the long wait times and that may contribute to our aggrevations. But your comments completely accepted. Glad to have you back as a colleague on the board here.

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