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Subject: CAIPS

Dear Experts,

How to obtain CAIPS file and generally how much does it cost.

Ravi Mathur
very simple (in reply to: CAIPS)
1) only a person in Canada can ask for CAIPS. if the person is not the applicant then they need authorization from the applicant (form: use of representative)

2) it costs 5CND$ (cheque payable to rthe Reiever General of Canada)

3) you need to send public rights in ottawa a request on a form

mail it (with no cover letter if u use the CIC form). with use pf representative if uapplicable:

Public Rights Administration
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Narono Building
360 Laurier Avenue West, 10th floor
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1L1

(in reply to: CAIPS)

I am in USA these days and applied for canada immigration in March´2003.My first medical was expired in Aug´2005 .The second medical was sent on November´2005.That´s why,i wanted to know about my application.

What is the best way to know about my file??

Ravi Mathur
(in reply to: CAIPS)
holy! you sent your second medicals in Nov 2005??? and not response yet? this is very depressing:(

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