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Subject: how to appeal: Work Permit rejected
  I was wondering if anyone can help me out here. I graduated from a hotel and restaurant mgmt program in canada. Then applied for a post-graduate working permit. I have a job offer as a supervisor/ manager in the food industry (which is in my field of study) But I just received a letter from Immigration Canada saying that my application for a Work Permit has been denied because my position doesn´t benefit canadians and it is not in my area of study. Is there any way to appeal this decision from Canada? I have to leave the country at the end of this month if there is no way. I really want to stay. Pls respond ASAP since my time is running out. thank you.

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Consult Good Lawyer
Good Luck !

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This is ridiculous!!! The same shit happened to afriend of mine. You know something....sometimes i just sit here and think that Canada isn´t worth all the effort we put into it. For goodness sakes, you studied IN CANADA, meaning that you brought some sort of income to the country, you have a JOB OFFER (same as my friend) and they turn around and say that you can´t get a work permit because it doesnt benefit Canadians. This is a pile of shit! You want to get work to benefit YOURSELF man, not canadians. Do you think the canadians give a shit about you?? BUll shit! I suggest that you consult a lawyer and get some legal advice. Good luck. Sorry about the rant, but this shit has happened to so many people who have gone to study in canada with the hopes of staying there.
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I should sujjest a lawyer and lawyer will frame ur application once again and reapply once again.

Best of luck.

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that´s BS, what means can not benefit Canadian. F off!
we can find a job because there are so many lazy people here. 20s live on the street and do drug, smoke dubee.
If more immigrants move to Canada, more white people/rednecks will live on street.

go to see your lawyer.

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