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Subject: immigration forms
  Hi guys,

I just want to ask about the application forms for family class: I ordered the forms earlier this year before they made some changes (i.e. we don´t have a choice anymore to say where we would like our application to be processed), and since it took us some time to gather all the documents, my question is whether we need to print out new forms, or can we use the old ones as well? Also, I have made some mistakes, so some forms are new and some are old, but they all fit and match together. Does this matter?

Thanks a lot

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It is very important that you fill the correct forms. I would download the new forms from CIC official website and use those. Do not take any chance my friend. The process is long and painful, you might save yourself valuable time by downloading and using the new forms.

Good luck!

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Can you send the form to my e-mail box
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i woukld like to get the application form for immigration to cannad,
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Dear sir, I need some of the forms of SINP, the detail of such are as: Information Disclosure Form
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