For Sharon - regarding CIC strike

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Subject: For Sharon - regarding CIC strike
  Sharon, I have noticed that you keep claiming that there is no such thing as a strike going on in CIC.

could you please share with us the source of your claims that there is no strike even when the official web site says there is a strike?

I want to believe you because it is in everyone?s interest for the strike to be no more than a lie. In that case, CIC is doing a horrible job in keeping the public informed about what is really going on. I mean the CIC web site uses the words "strike" and "delays".

The text says: "Some Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) employees are currently in a legal strike position. Therefore, service in certain offices across the country may be disrupted."

If what Sharon says is true, they should re-phrase the paragraph above.

Anyways, Sharon, please share your sources with us. We will appreciate it.


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"Some Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) employees are currently in a legal STRIKE POSITION. Therefore, service in CERTAIN offices across the country MAY be disrupted."

Strike position does not mean they are walking a picket line. It means they do not have a contract.

should they go on strike to press the government into action, some offices could have difficulting providing some services.

there is a contract offer on the table. The union will vote in mid-December whether to accept or reject the current offer.

Until then...everyone is working as usual, and even if they reject the offer, does not automatically mean that there will be service disruptions.


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I got it, your interpretation is soley based on semantics. I thought you had more facts, like a newspaper article or radio/tc news in Canada.

I understand that a legal strike position does not neccesarily involves going to the street to protest. However, it might involve internal measures such as reduction of work time from officers. The latter might result in delays.

CERTAIN: it does not clarify which departments/operations might be affected by the "legal strike position"

MAY: just a polite expression.

Now, I wonder... why would CIC worry about publishing that STRIKE ADVISORY if such activity does not interfere with their normal operations?


Let´s see and wait.

Thanks for your efforts to relax the desperate immigrants in this forum.

I give up (in reply to: For Sharon - regarding CIC strike)
I live in Canada. Trust me, I WOULD KNOW if there was a strike. My mother would not get her pension cheque!

If you really want to continue to fret about nothing... I cannot stop you.

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I´m sorry if my message irritated you. I just want to educate myself based on claims backed by hard evidence.

How is your mom´s pension cheque related to a "legal strike position" in CIC??? Pardon me for my ignorance, but I just don´t see the relationship. That comparison seems out of place... unless your mom works for CIC or something...

Give me a paper article, photos, news, etc. and that back yout your claims, then I will believe you whether you live in Canada or in Mars or Jupiter.

However, I do appreciate your efforts to keep our positive thinking alive. Let´s hope your semantic interpretation is right.


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PSAC is the Public Service Alliance of Canada this is the union - here is link to the tenative agreement

This union looks after everything from my mothers pension cheque to collecting taxes, to looking after the national parks to police clearances.

The union is still in a legal position to strike - that is why the advisory still sits on the website.

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Thanks for your further explanation.

There was something in your last email that made me understand the semantics a little bit better:

"legal position to strike" versus "legal strike position"

For a non-native speaker like me, legal strike position means that there is a strike and that such strike is legal. This is the phrase used in the strike advisory.

On the other hand, legal position to strike, tells me that there is no strike yet; however, the ther is a legally entitlement to excecise strike activities if needed. This is exactly what you explained to me in the prvious emai.

As you can see, is a matter of semantics... or perhaps poor English skills from me or CIC. However, thanks to your further explaination I am able to understand that you are correct: THERE IS NOT STRIKE, YET.

Thanks !!! who wrote this? Sharon or anonymous?

Thanks anyway!

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it was Sharon. As I have promised on earlier postings, I will advise you if the situation changes. No matter what happens...there is not much we can do about it but ride it out. I am confident that the union will not take strike action 2 weeks before Christmas - they want their paycheques! I am also pretty sure that if there are disruptions, the goverment would not allow it to go on for for very long before legislating them back to work.
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Now, that I am more relaxed after knowing there is not strike activities in CIC, I´m studying the grammar of what made me feel worried for weeks!!!

This is my analysis:

Sentence 1: CIC is in a legal position to strike.

than to say:
Sentence 2: CIC is in a legal strike position.

I think the replacement of the infinitive "to strike" for the noun "strike" in the second sentence is confusing for the reader. I usually avoid using such composition.

Man, look at me, a non-native English speaker worrying about English grammar. Clearly, this is an example of what happens to a human being while waiting for the PR process to be completed. This is nothing more than insanity! LOL.


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THANK YOU SHARON!!! THANKS for your patience with my limited English comprehension skills.

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Hi Sharon,

Is there really a strike ? Please confirm as i have an application pending which i started on Jan 2004 and received the aor on feb 2nd week. Please confirm sharon. I would appreciate it.


I called CIC the last week... (in reply to: For Sharon - regarding CIC strike)
I called CIC the last week and I was told that they were on strike last month and that´s the reason because they had not recieved all the information concerning to my background clearence.