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Subject: Missing Documents
  Hello. Im sponsoring my wife to come to canada. All seemes to be going well. however she got a letter from the procesing office with a document ADDITIONAL FAMILY INFORMATION.

now the FATHER/ MOTHER part is highlited, but is crossed out.

And the Brothers and sister is also highlited, but not crossed out.

My question is, what does she have to complete? just write the father mother names, and sisters and brothers. And send the document back?

please respond ASAP.

Thank You

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Hopefully you kept copies of what you submitted and all family members must be included. The chances are you got her to sign in the wrong places. The only place she should of signed is at the bottom if she has children. If she has children she should sign in the middle and bottom but never at the top because she has a husband.

See http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5406E.PDF

If she has not filled out the form all areas must be filled out. Regardless of what they have done you do not state in this posting what information was already provided. If she does not include parents or siblings they will never be allowed to immigrate in the future. 117 (9) (d)


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