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Subject: Living in Montreal
  Hi all!
My application has Vancouver as landing place since I only speak English.
After landing I may wanna move around and see where we would like to settle for good. Does anyone know how an English speaking person can make a living in Montreal? Do you REALLY have to be fluent in French or would English be just fine in corporate world? Just wanna see if I can survive and get a job (IT area) knowing only English. The reason for Montreal is that it´s just gorgeous there and living expenses are a bit lower than VC or Toronto.
Thanks for all your help!!!!

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Just saw your response to an earlier post and wanted to say your follow-up comments are much appreciated. Glad to have you back as a colleague and fellow northbound traveller on this board.

Sorry to have interupted this thread, as I too am interested in living in Quebec. I´d be interested in opinions and responses here to your post.


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IT. Hmm. Unless you can manage to find an American company, you will definitely, definitely need French. e.g. if you do tech support, you´ll be dealing with people whose computers aren´t working, and those people are highly, highly likely to be francophone. Even if you do manage to get a job, if you only speak English (and in some places, if you try and speak french, but badly) you will be ostracised. Montreal is a very clique-y place like that. You might think it´s fun to work in a bilingual setting (because unless hyou live on the West Island, you will hear French all the time) but wait until you need to go to a health clinic or read up on very specific details of something (eg from the regie de logement - and I can´t translate that because it doesn´t have a translation). You´ll find everything at that level is only in French which can get frustrating. Yes it´s pretty in the summer and the low costs are what is keeping me here! But the winter, if you were expeciting to go to Vancouver, is hell.

Montreal is a beautiful place to visit, I concur, but living here is a different matter. Be prepared to be treated like a second class citizen if you are not fluently bilingual or at least fluent in French. From what I hear, you might want to check out Ottawa - as cheap as Montreal and the supposed IT capital of Canada.

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I just got an offer in Montreal and I am planning to land there from California.

couple of things to note:

1. To land in montreal even if you gave port of entry as other place: My wife called the immigration officer in Montreal and appraised of our situation. The rep advised us that we can land in Montreal ( My wife re-iterated that we don´t have CSQ) the rep confirmed and said it is still fine, we could land and take up work assignments. To avail some gov run programs we have to fill out a form.

2. I agree with the last thread that, one might face some problems, as far as speaking french is concerned. Luckily my spouse is fluent in French. I have to learn though.

Hope this helps.


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