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Subject: To Crisraj- Question
Hi Crisraj,

Congrats Man on landing a job in Montreal. I would like to know was it difficult to find one and how did you plan your job search. I am planning to land in Canada sometime early next year and would like to plan accordingly. Any help is appreciated.


(in reply to: To Crisraj- Question)
would you mind telling me about exact date of ur ppr letter??

thanks in advance.
good luck with ur landing.

me still waiting for ppr??

To Brian (in reply to: To Crisraj- Question)
Hi Brian,

We have been applying in all the job boards like

I did run into some challenge like face to face interview
luckily my last two offers, they have not asked for one.

Good luck with your job search and keep in touch.


find Electrician job in CANADA (in reply to: To Crisraj- Question)
I looking for job in CANADA , and want to stay at here

How to do? please answer me.

Kamga Narcisse Omer
guidance in regarding to the PR and part time job for a international student (in reply to: To Crisraj- Question)
hello sir,
I, Amit Kumar, a residence of India. I am coming to toronto,canada for doing post graduation course. I had heared that the international student have to fill up a form for doing a part time job over there. I just want to know that , does these things are not done along with the visa process. And if i have to to fill up a form seperately apart from that visa process, then what are the things i have to get prepare before. Please tell me the everything in regarding to the context. I am mingled up with the things i had heared. Please give me the full guidance to sort out this confusion. Please tell me about getting the PR also.
Thanking you.
sincerely yours,
Amit kumar

Amit Kumar

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