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Subject: Driving car to Toronto
  I landed earlier this month and put my car on the Goods to Follow
list. I am planning to make another weekend trip to look for an
apartment. My question is can I drive my car without importing it.
I will import it with the rest of the goods when I finally move
at the end of August.


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Did you have to list the make, model and vin number of the car on the goods to follow list?


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Yes I did, but do you have an answer to my question.
I just don´t want to go thru the customs procedure now
since I am just going for the weekend. I will do it once
when I am finally moving.

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I saw a recent post here where a landing immigrant listed the car he was crossing the border with in his "goods to follow" list. Canadian Customs was ok with that and didn´t require the car to be imported at that time. You could search this board as it was from about 2 or so weeks ago.
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